About me

A little bit more about who I am and what I can do for you.

My Mission

I have 13+ years of experiences

I am a woman of many talents and run several different freelance or solopreneur, if you want, businesses. They have their own platforms and here I focus on the various options that female entrepreneurs have when they want to work from a home office.

Yes, I do say female entrepreneurs, because even if you consider yourself a WAHM, you probably are a freelancer or operate in a mode similar to this.

  • Affiliate marketing and video marketing.

  • Canva design and training.

  • Low content books creation.

  • Translation and proofreading

  • Teaching English as foreign language online

About Me

Foreign Languages Teacher, Canva Designer & Content Creator

I teach English as foreign language and German. I am a Canva designer. I create digital and printable products. I love doing all of it.

My Portfolio

Having Fun with canva
By Blanka Salkova

Evrything you can see in the video has been accomplished in Canva only. I LOVE Canva. It is quick and versatile and easy to use.

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“Beautiful quality! Using the template for my Instagram.”
On Jan 15, 2022